Business to business or B2B has become popular and the most exciting Business app development process for many platforms. Directly reaching customers through mobile applications, business platforms are targeting similar enterprises like a restaurant, and the health industry to reach out to the maximum.

In the B2B application development, The main reason for the slow shifting of B2B in the Mobile app development process is the small size of the B2B market. Still, these are very difficult and require better communication and strong sales.

The important part of app development in B2B is that the platform has to focus on conversion rate.

  • Purpose of B2B- The B2B mobile app business is developing by another business. Its main ambition is to deliver a unique tool to the platforms through which we can easily target potential clients. Thus, the highest aim of the app should be to provide useful tools for businesses. It can help the business target new clients and convert the new leads into business. Companies are creating new B2B apps with better features by providing the cost to develop a mobile app.
  • CRM- Integrating CRM tools in a B2B mobile application can increase B2B businesses and help to build better relationships and coordinate with the clients.
  • App Store Optimization- Every App store has its algorithm; therefore, it becomes important to understand the multiple ins and multiple outs of each app store to provide that the mobile application has maximum direction.
  • Reviews & Ratings- Reviews and rating option is one of the most essential tools for a B2B business following the mobile app. It gives your business products and services a level of trust, target audience, and higher search queries in the app stores.
  • Social Media- It has achieved importance in the B2B component over the last few years as businesses and organizations (products and services) have started engaging the major social media platforms to stay in touch with their target audience or potential clients.

10 Important B2B mobile app features for all businesses:

As an enterprise, what type of tools or means are you using to connect with your customers? Here the significance being you want to reach more than other businesses with your unique B2B app and ease their problems.

If you are a startup or a company that does not matter, a simple question is all over the world people keep in mind what a business owner will always want. In today’s modern world, most business owners are not aware mobile applications are the main tools that can give a better results.

What your business needs are an enterprise b2b app must-have feature that is uniqueness, target audience, user-friendly, minimum orders, volume purchases, discounts, and support.

The feature must be included in b2b mobile apps:

  1. Voice Search and Real-time chat
  2. GPS or Location Service Integration
  3. Leads and Sales 
  4. Support Module
  5. Integrating Analytics
  6. Social Integration
  7. Artificial Intelligence Integration
  8. Personalization Options
  9. Working Offline
  10. In-app Feedback 

What type of B2B App want for your business?

Commercial Apps – In commercial apps are relatively similar to B2C eCommerce apps. There is the only difference is that these eCommerce apps are committed to other businesses rather than to direct customers. On other hand with B2B apps, you can send details to your partner personally, quotations, product descriptions, and additional information. Examples of this type of B2B app:

  • Product Listing
  • Personalized Quotes
  • Commission Management
  • Delivery Status
  • Support and Return Management 

External Management Apps – Other common B2B mobile app business type is external management apps. A seamless communication platform is all they need for companies directly connected with agents, dealer or customers. Some Tools like:

  • CRM 
  • Project management platforms
  • Online video conferencing apps
  • Task Tracking
  • In-house team and Real-time 

Internal Operations Apps- Handling the external management app; is also necessary for communications and managing internal operations. The internal operations apps exactly come into play. Create marketing blogs to manage the salaries and get the project’s status. Internal operations apps can facilitate almost more than half of the tasks of your company.

  • Slack
  • Skype

Work Streamlining Apps- At last, We have work simplifying apps morally used by field workers, HR managers, and the rest of the other employees of your company. For a sample, if you want to know about your deliveries, you can connect with your delivery managers by app. Also, your HR managers can keep track of all the information of employees or new joiners of the company. The popular examples of work under B2B apps:

  • Google 
  • Microsoft tools