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Expert IT services for the transport and logistics

The entire industry market is dependent on the shoulders of logistics companies and we still need to balance the demand and supply equilibrium. At explicate, we develop productive and capable logistics software and tools to fulfil the gap in the industry.

1. We are the global leaders in the logistics software and mobile application development. From shipment management to warehouse management systems, we built it all.

2. Explicate understands your different small and giant requirements and our team strives to provide uniform and central management systems for your all needs.

3. No need to manage any sort of logistics data, we built high-quality automated systems to take care of your complex data management and internal processes.

Choose the leader of logistics management and shape your business with the new horizons of the well-organized approach of Explicate. Build your robust management tools with us now and revolutionize the logistics industry with your hard work.


Our Lucrative services in the logistics industry

  • Warehouse-Management

    Warehouse Management

    We built amazing warehouse management software and mobile applications for flawless work and inventory management. From integrating cloud services to using encrypted protocols, we do it all.

  • Supply-Chain-Solutions

    Supply Chain Solutions

    Explicate brings you the most straightforward supply chain management solutions for your transportation company. Handle your business in a hassle-free manner with us.

  • E-Commerce-and-Omni-ChanneL

    E-Commerce and Omni-Channel

    We have a core team for e-commerce development which takes care of your every business requirement. We built complete CRM for managing your all business channels efficiently.

  • Logistics-Transportation-Solutions

    Logistics Transportation Solutions

    We help you track each and every vehicle running under your business. From our tracking application, get real-time data of your hundreds of vehicles in just a few clicks.

  • Optimization-Services

    Optimization Services

    We keenly observe your every business process and suggests you the best automation tools for optimizing your business and saving more time, money & resources.

  • Cloud-Database-Solutions

    Cloud Database Solutions

    We trust in the cloud technology for keeping your tons of data safe and easily accessible to you whenever you need it. Explicate offers Iaas, PaaS and Saas services for your business.

Benefits to logistics on

With our advanced logistics solutions, companies have grown their business by 4x

  • Scalable Solutions

    We prepare a growth strategy for your company so that the software base can be elevated whenever you need for growing your business.

  • Better Management

    By Explicate’s logistics management tools, companies are now able to grow their business in the entire global by automating tons of manual processes with us.

  • User-friendly operations

    No matter how complex the business process is, we always have a solution to make it simpler,understandable and usable by our software and mobile applications.

  • Cost Optimization Approach

    The main goal for any logistics company is to reduce its cost by eliminating futile processes. We thoroughly examine your business and craft the best solution.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


We transform your business into 3 easy steps

  • Maintaining-your-data

    Maintaining your data

    We organize your data that you can access any set of data within just a few seconds. With our advanced data management approach, we grow your business.

  • Simple-to-use-tools

    Simple to use tools

    We develop business tools so straightforward, anyone can use it efficiently without any special training. You don’t have to depend on anyone to handle the work.

  • Scalable-Solutions

    Scalable Solutions

    We know you are expanding your business at a rapid speed and to support you, we also develop simple scalable services to work as a catalyst for your company.


Our Logistics Expertise

More than 27 companies are using our services and tools for handling their business with no hassle. We have worked with numerous big and small companies and help them to optimize their operating process.

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