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Custom Made Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare is a challenging and rapidly growing industry helping millions of people. To help the healthcare industry, Explicate offer some of the most sophisticated and productive software and mobile application which are boon for the entire healthcare vertical.

1. Healthcare is a totally different domain from the other industries and to fulfil the special needs, we create custom made health-oriented software for hospitals.

2. We follow industry norms and compliances to develop software and mobile applications so that they can be used seamlessly in the entire globe without any restriction.

3. Explicate is having a dedicated team which focuses on healthcare research and development which helps us to develop world-class healthcare software with ease and surety.

To cater to the demand of such a dynamic industry, we keep researching and implementing new things which are helpful and bring a positive change in this domain. Explore the limitless potential of technology and feel the difference with us.


Services we provide in the healthcare domain

  • Custom-Made-CRM

    Custom Made CRM

    We build custom made CRM to cover your every small and big requirement. Automate your every manual work and operate hassle-free.

  • Diagnosis-Systems

    Diagnosis Systems

    Our team of developers are expert in creating the best in class custom diagnosis software system for your hospital. We leverage industry standard protocols for every system.

  • Direct-Communication-Application

    Direct Communication Application

    We create seamless communication mobile application so that your patients can get in touch with you directly and you can operate your patients efficiently.

  • EMR-and-EHR-Systems

    EMR and EHR Systems

    Explicate offer full-fledged development of EMR (Electronic medical record) and EHR (Electronic health record) systems for your hospitals and clinics. Contact us for more.

  • Billing-Portals

    Billing Portals

    We create specially designed billing portals for the healthcare industry. Easy and portable billing systems with transparent processes.

  • E-Prescribing-Solutions

    E-Prescribing Solutions

    Automate your medicine ordering system with us. We offer complete cloud technology powered E-Prescribing software for your clinics and hospitals.

Benefits to bank on

With our healthcare solutions, Hospitals are now able to provide services 3x faster

  • Better Patient Satisfaction

    With our healthcare solutions, patients are having better treatment experience and positive feedback for hospitals. We make sure your every requirement is getting covered by our software.

  • Custom Made Solutions

    Explicate craft your imagination into a productive reality. Experience world-class development process with us and serve your patients better with us.

  • Cost Effective Services

    You are doing a prestigious job and we respect that. Explicate also contributes to human welfare by offering quality services at affordable prices.

  • One touch Application

    In just a single click, your patients can connect with you and have a better recommendation on the go whenever they need. Serve your patients better with us.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


We are transforming healthcare in 3 proficient steps

  • Faster-Execution

    Faster Execution

    With the help of robust software, the doctors are now able to treat the patient in a much faster way than before. Less time, better treatment

  • Quick-Diagnosis-Report

    Quick Diagnosis Report

    By using advanced software, it is very easy for the team of doctors to generate patient’s report and store the data safely on the cloud servers.

  • Greater-satisfaction

    Greater satisfaction

    With our software and mobile applications, the healthcare industry is providing better services to their people which is not only increasing their satisfaction but also trust.


Our Healthcare Expertise

Explicate has worked with 15 + world’s best hospitals and healthcare organizations and successfully delivered complex technologies for making this world a better place.

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