Capital Markets


Captivating and Capable Solutions for Capital Market

To match the dynamic speed and data interpretation speed of capital market, Explicate offers you robust and advance market solutions to make sure you never lose on your data.

1. We provide advanced data gathering and analysis software to make sure you are tracking every bit of the fast-paced capital market without hassling a dime.

2. Enterprise level and B2C mobile applications for your customer base to keep them connected with your market and keep them updated with everything that matters the most.

3. Highly customizable solutions to cater your every tiny and tremendous requirement with sheer perfection. Robust and bespoke capital market software development by Explicate.

We understand the need for a proficient tool for your business which can make your work really a cake walk and we are dedicated to delivering one for your business. Connect with us to explore the exciting possibilities of your business growth in no time.


The solutions we provide for your business

  • Mobile-App-development

    Mobile App Development

    Updating customers is a hectic task and with the help of our mobile development solution, we will automate the entire process for you.

  • Data-Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Dig the valuable data for your business by our special data interpretation high-tech solutions for your business. Data is the new currency, mint it now.

  • Real-time-Delivery

    Real-time Delivery

    Experience real-time data delivery with Explicate. We bring you the most stable platform for your live data handling and delivery to your customers.

  • Trading-Software

    Trading Software

    Trade in the market like a pro with our trading software and mobile app development. We create some of the most enticing trading platforms for your community.

  • Investment-Solutions

    Investment Solutions

    We are expert in crafting an all-in-one investment dashboard for your company and for your customers. Keep everything secure on a single robust platform for better productivity.

  • Sales-Softwares

    Sales Softwares

    We integrate your buying and selling process in an on the go mobile app. Buy, sell or trade with ultimate ease with our special sales software solution.

Benefits of Explicate

Our clients are now able to interpret and leverage real-time market data for making more profits

  • Real-time data

    We solve the greatest problem of data interpretation with our industry standard web and mobile market solutions. Count your data effortlessly with us.

  • Cloud-Based Storage

    We keep your capital market data safe and encrypted on our custom cloud clusters. It makes you access the information faster and in a more safer way.

  • Cost effective development

    Feel the difference while working with us. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent services at an affordable range. Quality services for all.

  • Adoptive custom development

    No two businesses are the same and that's why we offer you a highly customizable market and a trading app development as per your every small and big requirement.

Stop wasting time and money on technology. Let’s get started


Make a difference in Capital Market by these 3 steps

  • Understanding-Data

    Understanding Data

    Take an edge over your competitor by understanding your data better with us. Feel the power of data

  • Power-of-Technology

    Power of Technology

    Automate your complex processes with our advanced technology solutions. Leverage the potential of technology

  • Better-Customer-Relation

    Better Customer Relation

    Focus on growing your user base by providing what exactly they want. Grow your network like never before.


Explicate Proficiency in Capital Market

We are working in the capital market development industry from decades and we know what exactly you need to grow your business on the right horizon with the right people.

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