How The Artificial Intelligence will put our lives on “auto-pilot”?

When it comes to the innovation part of the department of technology, the sky is the only limit. There are so many technologies present in our lives which are making our day to day work more productive and the current situation is that we can’t even think about living without them. One such promising part of the innovative ecosystem is Artificial Intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

If we breakdown the complex composition of AI definition, we can stat that this piece of technology help the “machines” to learn the human actions, behaviors and repeat those activities by leveraging a predefined set of algorithms. In short, your car can learn your driving patterns and repeat them as you do or a game of chess where the computer is learning from your moves to challenge you with more difficult moves, etc.

Why AI is going to be a revolutionary thing?

As our lifestyle is changing, our requirements are also evolving with the growing time and we need our devices to be smart enough to handle our work. There is no need to specify how much lazy we are and how desperately we want someone else to do our work, in this case, the AI is the only hope.

Let’s have a look at some of the most revolutionary applications of AI that will change our lives completely:

  1. AI in the manufacturing industry:

According to research done by an organization, in the upcoming ten years, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will be handling over 50% of the total manufacturing industry. If you are thinking that AI will chew your job, that’s not a complete truth. After all, they all are machines and only humans can handle them so don’t worry!

  1. Self Driving Vehicles:

This topic is like a hot cake of AI. More and more companies are spending their billions of dollars in the R&D of self-driving cars. As we have already seen a couple of prototypes of self-driving vehicles but in the future, the scenario will completely be different. Those days are not so far when you just step inside your car with your morning coffee & newspaper and the car will drop you to your office in no time.

  1. Fully Automated home ecosystem:

With the help of AI and ML, your all home devices can transfer data between them and bring you the best in class comfortable experience which you can enjoy when you come tired from your office. Although, there are many such kinds of solutions are already available in the market but they are not that reliable. The entire IoT (Internet of Things) industry will experience a futuristic change in upcoming time.

Social Media is using AI to customize your feeds:

The social media platforms know each and everything about you (and that may not be a cool thing). What are your likes and dislikes, your favorite dish, place and what not? To retain you longer on their social platform, AI-based algorithm shows you only that feeds which sparks your interest so that you will spend more time there.

By using complex analytics system, the AI can filter millions of queries and data to show you what exactly you were looking for. It’s not you, it’s their smart AI algorithm which is making your social life more customizable and interesting to consume.

AI is good or evil for us?

This is like two sides of the same coin. It completely depends on how we use these technologies and bring an impact on people’s lives. You can either innovate life-saving devices or built some highly secure surveillance machines to keep your enemies away from your place. All in all, it is a package full of curiosity, inventions and automation. In an upcoming couple of years, the situation will be on a completely different height and we will be enjoying more benefits from it.

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