Google Flutter: Minimalistic and Blazing Fast Application Development Platform For You

There is no second opinion about Google that this company believes in pushing their limits higher. After launching a plethora of successful products like Android, Firebase, Cloud Technologies, this tech giant is back with a powerful Software Development Kit and they are calling it Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a full-blown application development platform (currently in beta version) which acts as a UI framework & an open source development platform which is a boon to developers for crafting creative native apps for both the Android and iOS platforms. And one of the most captivating key point about this platform is that the developers can develop apps with the help of a mono coding procedure. and the compiling can be done directly on the native processor architecture code. It has got permission to access API of both Android and iOS.

What are some jaw-dropping features of Flutter?

  • Flexible and adaptive platform

The alpha version of the Flutter (launched in 2017) was having one heavy drawback i.e you were only able to develop applications for the Android platform (known as the “Sky”). In this newer version, you can launch your creativity on both the major platforms.

  • Support of complex ARM

The Flutter is equipped with the Native ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) code libraries. If you are thinking what does this means? This is like a helpful element which helps develop and launch the product as quickly as possible. This is the reason it will benefit a ton of tech startups. We can also call Flutter- the coding standards of startups.

  • It’s an ecosystem

We are surrounded by applications which lack some serious productivity and usability fundamentals. Google Flutter gives the freedom to optimize the app as much as you want. The developer can also make such apps which are capable of playing third-party multimedia within the app itself. It simply means, uninstall all other futile apps, the future is here.

  • Seamless Integrations with other libraries

In many development platforms, you need to import numerous supportive third-party APIs which is such a time killer. But, this SDK allows using all those APIs in an optimized manner which has
smoothened the process of app creation. That’s not all, unlike other SDKs, the compilation process is so streamlined, you will fall in love with it.

  • You are secure with this new innovation

Although the Google products are of top-notch security, you will experience an extra layer of security on this development playground. The programmers are coming up with more complex security patches to make sure you can always depend on its internal protection

What are some apps built on this amazing tool?

From the E-commerce giant platform, Alibaba to dynamic platform like Apptree (used for building Stanford, Mcdonalds, Wayfair, and more alike application), Tencent (a popular multinational conglomerate company) and the list goes on and above. For sure, this is the future of development and this is just a teaser of an amazing technological era which will make our lives more productive and innovative. In an upcoming couple of months or so far, we will have a more stable and scalable version of this SDK which will make the development accessible to everyone with an easier approach.

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