Android 11 features : Impact in Mobile Apps in 2020

ConnectivityIt is a incontrovertible fact that 5G connectivity is slowly making its way within the mobile device industry. Android 11 should better adapt to the present new connection technology, although Android 10 also supports 5G. The connectivity API has been

How The Artificial Intelligence will put our lives on “auto-pilot”?

When it comes to the innovation part of the department of technology, the sky is the only limit. There are so many technologies present in our lives which are making our day to day work more productive and the current

Google Flutter: Minimalistic and Blazing Fast Application Development Platform For You

There is no second opinion about Google that this company believes in pushing their limits higher. After launching a plethora of successful products like Android, Firebase, Cloud Technologies, this tech giant is back with a powerful Software Development Kit and

Hybrid vs native app: Which one you should choose?

The whole mobile app development is divided into two debatable troops, which are hybrid apps and native apps. To fulfil the tremendous demand for mobile applications, the app development paradigm has now become a pivot of innovation. In this article,